Fiver Flights

Posted on July 27, 2017

I flight the maximum velocity with open canopy on Sunday. The second dive was filmed and then the speedometer shows swiftly 190 km/h. The velocity of the first dive was 200 km/h but I had problems with the camera and the speed was not saved. Well, this will do as the hum was really sceary! The dive was quite deep as can be seen from the rate of climb indicator: It shows 15 m/s downwards!



Posted on July 9, 2017

Today a flight in a rainy weather and had to land after a hour and half. Yesterday I had fantastic flight which took over three hours. I flew at 2100 meters between cumulus. It was awesome! Made also some sideslips to test the Fiver. On the following flights I have to put the Fiver to the limit and test the Vne, velocity to never exceed, which is 200 km/h.


Posted on May 22, 2017

Made my first flight of the season with PIK-5 Fiver on Saturday at Räyskälä. The Finnish thermals are fantastic in spring: some were 4 m/s and they took over 1600 meter. The Fiver is under 25 hours test program and I still have to fly about ten hours test flights in this summer. After that it will be inspected and if everything goes well the restoration project is finished (have lasted over a decade).

pik-5-glider-0001 (1 of 1)
Salute PIK-5! Courtesy of Raimo Mustonen.
pik-5-glider-0002 (1 of 1)
Me and the Fiver at Räyskälä 20.5.2017. OH-139 is the oldest Finnish airworthy glider. Courtesy of Raimo Mustonen.