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Here you find some vintage flight helmets, goggles, masks and radio parts.

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RAF flying helmet face defenders

RAF leather helmet/oxygen mask face defenders. These were used on B-type helmets when not using oxygen mask.

62 EUR (including VAT 24 %)

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H type mask with microphone

These oxygen masks were used at the end of WW II and after that in 50’s and 60’s. I think this one is post-war production. The rubber is in good condition, needs only cleaning. Size medium.


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RAF earphones

10A/13466 Earphones as used in many RAF helmets during WW II. Earphones, microphone conection and wiring are in good condition, plug is missing a chip (see image).

150 EUR (including VAT 24 %)

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RAF Mk VII Goggles

Rare RAF early war Mk VII goggles with leather strap. Have some traces of age: the paint is worn, lenses have some delamination, the nose leather is quite hard and the right lining has tears. Otherwise condition as in the images. These early Marks with leather strap are hard to find and are desired collectibles.

280 EUR (including VAT 24 %)

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P.A.K. Pack

A superb WW2 RAF seat type parachute pack manufactured by P.A.K. The P.A.K. was originaly a Czechoslovakian parachute company, a small manufacturer who moved in the 1930s to England. During the war the P.A.K. parachute was used in RAF among the most popular Irving. From 1930s these parachutes were produced also in Finland and the PAK was most widely used in the Finnish Air Force during the war.

Here we have very rare and clean seat-type parachute pack.  The pack has all popper studs for the attachment of a seat cushion, and for the attachment to the parachute harness.  It has all hooks for attaching the elastic bungee cords too.  The pack has a label ‘Pack Type S Mk 2′, and is stamped manufacture date ’19 Sep 1943’.  It also clearly shows the initials ‘P.A.K.’.

War time P.A.K. pack in this condition is realy a rare item and difficult to find. It is suitable for a Finnish Air Force collector as well as for a RAF enhusiast. If you are interested in this unique item, please don’t hesitate contact via  Contact page.


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P.A.K. istuinvarjon pussi

P.A.K. oli alunperin  Tšekkoslovakialainen yritys, mutta varjoa valmistettiin ennen sotia lisenssillä myös Englannissa ja Suomessa. Suomalaisesta PAK-varjosta tulikin Suomen ilmavoimien yleisimmin käyttämä varjo 1930-luvulla ja sotien aikana. Nyt tarjolla on Englannissa vuonna 1943 valmistetun istuinvarjon pussi, joka on hyvin samanlainen kuin Suomessa sotien aikana käytössä olleet. Mukana ei siis tule valjaita eikä varjoa.

Suomen ilmavoimien 1930-1940-lukujen laskuvarjoja on miltei mahdotonta löytää, joten tämä PAK-varjon sodanaikainen “Englannin serkku” on erinomainen keräilykohde Ilmavoimien historiasta kiinnostuneille.

Vintage Goggles

Av-511 US Navy Goggles from 1930’s. The Av-511 goggles were  popular among US pilots. These lenses are made  thin plastic and I think they are new fittings. They have also some scratches as can be seen from the images. The goggles are suitable e.g. film props. If you are interested in these WW II goggles, please contact via  Contact page.

55 EUR (including VAT 24 %)

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RAF WW2 Training Goggles or Ski-Mounting Goggles

Goggles with green glass lenses. The kind of goggles were used e.g.  RAF or Mountain Division in World War II. The Mountain Division was a unit of elite troops with special operational skills adapted to mountain terrain. The goggles are in very good shape and the old box include trade. If you are interested in this great item, please contact via  Contact page.

65 EUR (including VAT 24 %)

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10A\12570 microphone

Used in type G mask. Missing the rubber band and a bakelite chip.

24 EUR (including VAT 24 %)

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RAF G-type oxygen mask with wiring




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Oxygen tube

Used in RAF type G and H masks. AM  6D/526  Mk IV stamped.


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Wiring loom

Used in D-type helmet.


raf-helmet-wiring-loom-0001 (1 of 1)

A pair of Type 32, 10A\13466 receivers

Used RAF war time helmets. Air Ministry marked.


Wiring for RAF helmet


 raf-helmet-wiring-0002 (1 of 1)


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